November 2019 Release



2016 Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir

Imagine - bottle shot.jpg

Wine Notes

The first members-only red wine doesn’t get any better than this.

Grown in the small and very prestigious region of the Santa Lucia Highlands in Monterey County CA, the cool climate is home to arguably the greatest Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays in the world.

Notice the engaging light ruby color as you pour it into your glass. This color is very indicative of this area. Beauty in motion. Also, there is a slight cloudiness which comes from being unfiltered during winemaking (you’ll understand why when you taste). The aromas are bright red fruits like ripe cherry, a bit of vanilla that gives it great texture and a really nice hint of tobacco leaf, probably coming from its maturity.

Perfect so far.

The taste is… oh my. It’s the reason this wine fulfilled our tough requirements! Notice the great texture in your mouth. Taste the creamy vanilla bean along with the strawberry & raspberry as they present themselves first and foremost. Then notice the unfiltered depth, along with the slight tobacco leaf, which leads you to the place we cork-dorks call complexity. Finally, after your first swallow, notice the subtle oak lingering about and not wanting to go home just yet.

This is what you look for in a fine Pinot Noir… engaging red fruit, subtle earthiness, lingering oak and WOW!

Many wines from this area of CA show overtly high red fruit tones. Your wine, this wine, is one of the few from this heralded region that take it to another level with complexity and pure winemaking genius layered on top.

Mic down! Goodnight!!!

Cheers - Eric

Imagine - TTB Back Label - 3.875 x 3.25.jpg

Label Art Notes

Imagining Pinot Noir

Over the past few years I’ve become very familiar with Pinot Noir, mostly for its beauty, complexity and overall wonderment. I’ve learned that it is the very grape that makes some of the world’s greatest wines all because of it’s potential to transform and change, not only from sip to sip but day to day, and year to year. I love that transformation. It speaks to me. It is truly an artists’ wine given its ability to always intrigue, transform and keep me imagining what comes next.

And this is why I loved this wine from the moment I tasted it.

The style of this Pinot Noir reminded me of how an artist’s mind, like the winemaker who crafted it, has to work. As they carry their artwork from the inception of an ideal to the end, in this case the vineyard to your glass, they need to continuously imagine how the finished piece will be presented, as their work only offers a few subtle hints along the way.

I created this design to represent the curiosity, imagination and creativity that is required to go into crafting such an incredible wine… a sweeping brush stroke representing possibility and artistry.


Imagine - TTB Front Label - 3 x 3.jpg


2018 Sonoma Coast Rosé

PGFAG - bottle shot.jpg

Wine Notes

The spectacular Sonoma Coast. For a brief moment, allow me to take you there.

The Sonoma Coast is a few hours north of San Francisco is part of Sonoma County. It is quite a different growing region than the generally warm and accommodating appellations of the rest of the county. Sitting perfectly along the Northern CA coast, imagine a rugged, formidable place where the Alaskan-cooled waters carried down by the aggressive Pacific Ocean currents pound up against the rocky coast. The warm sun is tempered daily by the cool air. This is the vineyard-sacred grounds made famous by the well-known Flowers Winery. It is a place of dramatic beauty and world-class wine grapes.

There are Rosés… and then there is your Rosé.

Most rosés, especially CA, are fairly simple, red fruit bombs that usually work fine for a warm day drinking. This wine is so much more. Notice the pinkish color, somewhere between CA ruby red and French salmon colored rosés. Next, take in the aromas of bright red strawberry and freshly picked raspberry as they don’t come across as simple and manufactured, but pure and real. To me, this indicates a wine of style, winemaking mastery and something special to come next.

Clean, bright and perfectly… perfect.

The taste. First impressions are that the cool Sonoma Coast keeps these grapes on their toes, showcasing the bright acidity and endearing, crisp fruit flavors. Yes, strawberry is definitely there but find the white peach and raspberry flavors that remind me of the day you bite into them on the way home from the market because you just can’t wait. Fresh, new and bright are all words that come to mind as the wine sits in your mouth. Finally, take in how this rosé is beautifully crafted, straight forward but not too simple at the same time. Thought provoking, yet just pleasing. The luxury Pinot Noir grape, of which this wine was carved from, makes world-class wines. So, it makes perfect sense this rosé is a luxury interpretation we are fortunate to savor today.

A wine that on one hand is as uncomplicated as it makes a statement of being a great rosé and on the other hand carries with it the story of one of the most spectacular places on earth. Special for sure.

Cheers - Eric

PGFAG - TTB Back Label - 3.25 x 3.875.png

Label Art Notes

Pretty Good For A Rosé

Rosés have come a long way, from the simple White Zinfandels cast aside as a beginners wine to the more celebrated rosés of today. All over the world rosé wines have been enjoyed for centuries as peers to the great whites and reds. In the US they seemed to never get their respect as a serious wine, until recently.

This wine style is bright, feminine and has tremendous style. It’s a bold statement, staying within it’s roots of being a rosé, yet announcing to the world that it is a worthy peer to be reckoned with alongside other great wines of the world.

So, my song “Pretty Good For A Girl” was a perfect representation of your wine today. Don’t be fooled by the feminine, pinkish color, as this wine was crafted from highly respected Pinot Noir grapes from some of the best vineyards in Sonoma, CA. The label’s bold lettering and message against the backdrop of the beautiful light pink hue of the wine says it all for me.


PGFAG - TTB Front Label - 3 x 3.jpg